Imaginary Friend

Cast: Lacey Chabert, Ethan Embry, Amanda Schull, Ted McGinley and Paul Sorvino

Film details

Completed (2012)
Directed by:
Richard Gabai
Lacey Chabert, Ethan Embry, Amanda Schull, Paul Sorvino, Jacob Young
Drama, suspence
Check Entertainment, Scatena & Rosner Films, 180 Degrees, Braeburn Entertainment
When a wife discovers her husband has been keeping her medicated so he has ready access to her millions she turns it all around on him.


Can you kill what only exists in your imagination?

EMMA (35) is a beautiful and a talented artist. Her husband, BRAD (40), is a renowned psychiatrist. They have the perfect loving marriage. But Emma is having a few psychological issues. She has turned to BRITTANY (27), her childhood’s imaginary friend who helped her overcome an abusive father. Brad, the doting husband, helps and consoles her. When Emma’s visions get more intense, Brad persuades her that the only way to keep them under control is to take medication.

Emma is on the verge of losing it and is certain someone is watching her, following her. Emma starts to confide in Brittany who is there whenever she needs someone to talk to. Brittany has become an emotional support for Emma.

What Emma doesn’t know is that Brittany is actually real, she’s in fact Brad’s lover.

Brad and Brittany came up with the perfect scheme to keep Emma medicated so they can get rid of her. Brad wants Emma’s fortune but doesn’t want to kill her. And a divorce would leave him penniless. So driving Emma nuts, is the best option for them to be a real couple and very wealthy.

Emma, in a desperate attempt to make her imaginary friend disappear, kills Brittany. Brad freaks – this can’t be true. But it is. The evidence of a murder is undeniable. Blood in the shower. A grave in the back yard. And Brittany is nowhere to be found. Brad’s little game has gone too far. He now desperately tries to cover up the murder of his lover. But Emma has no idea she’s actually killed a real person. Or does she…?