Road Trip

Lori Loughlin, Kristen Dalton, Ted McGinley

Film details

Completed (2013)
Directed by:
Oren Kaplan
Lori Loughlin, Kristen Dalton, Ted McGinley
TV movie
Drama, Thriller
Helios Productions, Poke Productions
While on a trip to drop off her daughter at college, Rebecca Mayer's protective mother instincts kick in when they are terrorized on the highway. She will keep her daughter safe - at any cost.


Rebecca Mayer (Lori Loughlin) and her daughter Connor (Jordan Hinson) are on a road trip to visit colleges. During their stop at gas station, Rebecca sees from the inside of the store a man approaching the car and talking to Connor. She runs outside and yells at her daughter for engaging conversations with strangers. The world is too dangerous!
The next day, Kelly, the same man from the station, is following them down the highway. Rebecca is positive he is trying to harm them. She tells her daughter to jump out of the car and ask for help. When Kelly reaches Rebecca´s convertible, he gets in and kidnaps her.

Sheriff EmilyTobin (Kristen Dalton) and her teenage daughter Molly (Alix Elizabeth Gitter) are driving home after their meeting with the principal; Molly was caught looking at pictures of a crime scene in her iPad in class. “Why is she so captivated by her mother´s job?” Emily gets a call. Someone has reported seeing a struggle between a woman and a man in the parking lot of a liquor store and saw them take off in a late model convertible – possible kidnapping.

When the info on the license plate comes in, Emily is surprised to find out that one of her officers is waiting a report for the same car. It was stolen from The Harrington Clinic, a hospital for the violent and criminally insane. Rebecca Mayer is an escaped patient from this clinic. Her daughter Connor was murdered three years ago while on a road trip visiting colleges. They never found the killer and Rebecca has never accepted the death of her child. She started driving highways, picking up hitchhikers, luring predators and killing them, hoping to keep the streets safe for her daughter.

Now that Rebecca is out, she has started to kill again. Kelly is her first victim. In spite of herself, Sheriff Emily will team up with her daughter Molly, who has proven to be a step ahead of the police, to find out where Rebecca´s road trip is actually leading her to.